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Antivirus works as the protector for the laptop, computer, and tablet in this risk-having virtual world. Antivirus aware the users about the issues which computer has and it also help them in resolving the issues. Sophos is one of the feature-full antiviruses, which is opted by the customer in a large number.

But sometimes, registration could take some issues with it which are hard to solve. And a team of Sophos Technical Support is here to help the users in solving the issues.

First of all, customer needs to create an account on Sophos

After creating an account, the user needs to register the appliances. There are two options for the registration process. Both of the processes are mentioned here for helping the users in their function. The user can take help from these steps and they can also get support from the technical team of Sophos Technical Support Australia.

Register with the My Sophos:

Go to the MySophos webpage and select the network protection option from there

  • Now user needs to go on the Register Device page
  • On a new page, the customer has to add the serial number for the appliance which is founded on the attached license.

Register with On-Box Setup Process:

If the user wants to register the account with the help of on-box setup process, they need to follow these options.

  • Create a Sophos ID as a first step
  • Now user needs to do a start-up and registered in the wizard
  • Confirm the activities for the next step
  • Verify the license and then synchronize it

With these easy steps, anyone can able to register the XG firewall in Sophos. The process is very simple so that anyone can do this but having knowledge can add perfection to the task. If any user faces any technical glitch in the process, they can get the help from the experts by dialing Sophos helpline number Australia 1-800-764-852. Never feel any hesitation in calling the team as they are present for helping the users anytime.

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